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Resourcenet International Group, a specialized employment / recruitment agency based in China, not only seek and recruit appropriate Chinese tradesmen for international companies from China, but also cooperate with recruitment agency in Australia, UK, India, Thailand and Philippine to provide Asian manpower in western market.

Resourcenet, with subsidiaries (recruitment office) in Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Middle East and different provinces in China, has 'export' to all walks of industries throughout the world, hundreds of various skilled workers, tradesmen, experts, specialized construction teams, etc.

Due to its time-honored history, China is rich in various kinds of skilled workers. In the past thirty years, a large number of multinational foreign-funded companies have flooded into China, and the Chinese Government has also injected large amount of fund into education and vocational training to establish a higher education system in the country. Millions of graduates with high qualification or full-time professional training backgrounds manpower join the work force market, providing abundant 'manpower resources' for our company to recruit Chinese personnel to all over the world.

China has been the biggest manufacturing base in the world with the biggest amount of skilled manpower.
China is a spacious country covering over 9.6million square kilometers, with a population of 1.3 billion. The economic development situation, social and cultural condition and industrial layout varies from place to place. Hence, Resourcenet has established offices in most provinces or districts to provide different pool of skilled and unskilled personnel for various sources. Our staff are well-trained in international recruiting and staffing affairs and are able to assist corporation in deciding on the most suitable province for recruitment.

Besides providing all kinds of technicians, tradesmen or workers (such as Boat Builder and Shipwright, Bricklayer and Stonemason, Cabinet Maker and Furniture Finisher, Carpenter and Joiner, Concreter, Glazier, Interior Decorator, Concreter and Construction Worker, Painter and Decorator, Gyprocker and Plasterer, Tiler, Slater and Floor Finisher, Boilermaker and Welder, Aluminum/Steel fabricator, Metal Fitter and Machinist, Metal Casting Trades, Metal Polisher and Electroplater, Machinist and Mechanic, Precision Metal Trade, Toolmaker, Sheet metal Worker, Motor Mechanic, Panel Beater, Vehicle Body Maker, Vehicle Painters and trimmer, Chef and Cook, Butcher and Slaughter, etc.), Resourcenet, in accordance with the requirements of a specific project, may also form a complete team of workers and specialists who can carry out common or special tasks independently.

Owing to our specialized, strict, diligent, honestly and responsible working attitude, as well as high effective teamwork spirit, past experience, reputation, and the network throughout Asia and other region, we are confident to provide supreme quality recruitment services and satisfactory cooperation to our clients.

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